NoContactKey - The company leading the No Contact Movement

Many companies have began producing personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic. For Dallas based NoContactKey™, they have the expertise and resources that could lead the "no touch" industry for a healthcare crisis that doesn’t have an end in sight.

NoContactKey™ primarily focuses on making hands free brass door openers. The team works closely with companies who need bulk orders and fast delivery. "We have the experience that gives us the ability to not only to provide the best price, produce quality products but also give top-notch customer service".  "We pride ourselves in our comprehensive policies that have put us above and beyond our competitors". Douglas says. “Companies know when they work with us, they know they are working with a company who upholds a responsibility to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase. "We will do our best to make sure that our customers are happy. "We believe we can create a positive impact in the health industry by focusing on our customer's needs”.

When the coronavirus outbreak began, the team at NoContactKey™ began working to supply the much needed no touch Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) because we wanted to contribute to the welfare of the nation. Avoiding shared surfaces is the most important key to flattening the curve. The NoContactKey™ design is the most efficient way stop the spread of germs. We continue to make design improvements based on the feedback of the thousands of essential workers we have already supplied.

Don Douglas, spokesman for the company tells us. “Some of the feedback we’ve received is the NoContactKey™ is the most important personal protective equipment because it helps the spread of germs by avoiding the contact of shared surfaces”. To make a NoContactKey™, we start with a solid piece of (CDA C26000) Brass, Don Douglas says "I already seen knockoff copies and we are confident we produce of the best product possible. We have a lot of essential workers using our keys, and continuously receiving feedback for the job well done". We are improving on the original design incorporating a bottle opener that pays homage to the origins of the NoContactKey™ history. We are designing something totally new and could also be worn as a fashion statement.

This is an opportunity to innovate. "That’s what makes us different, we never stop improving our designs” Douglas says. “Being a custom metal fabrication company and having such talented craftsmen in the company, we’re not looking to stop innovating, we will always be creating new products even if the COVID19 pandemic is out of the news". 

NoContactKey™ is now on version 3 of its industry standard no touch tool. Douglas's aspirations aren’t small, he wants to take the PPE / EDC currently out there and make it better. “Our creativity is complemented by a very strong quality control, which makes sure that the keys we build will with stand the most industrial applications".

In a corporate setting, viruses and bacteria are everywhere, no contact of shared surfaces is required for your workers because of the concentration of employees. "It has been easy to keep up with the demand for the bulk orders,” he says. “We are used to working on big projects and delivering on time".  Most of time and resources are being focused on the key manufacturing, and we have already processed thousands of orders. 

NoContactKey™'s job doesn’t stop here. Douglas has plans on continuing his customized approach to see what innovations could solve the problems that come up every day. “This corona virus problem could be around for the next 18-24 months. As a company, we’re in this for the long haul. So we will continue to develop some new ideas, and we’re definitely set up to supply the nation with our NoContactKey™.”

NoContactKey™ has already received a number of bulk pre-orders and has no problem with keeping up with demand.

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