Myths you have been believing about No Contact Tools

The topic of this message is to inform you about certain myths surrounding the No Contact Tools available in the market right now. As the owner of a business selling the NoContactKey, I need to bust those myths. Informing our customers about what they are buying and why buying a NoContactKey is one of the most significant responsibilities I have.

The myths I am are going to talk about here are:

Myth: Having the No Contact Key means you don’t have to follow any other safety measures

The No Contact Key we have designed, and manufacture is made to help to avoid touching shared surfaces in the public or any other places you want. From the door handles of a public restroom to the ATM keypad, from the check-out machine to your car handle and such. This does not mean there aren’t other ways through which germ can come into your home or personal space. Hence, you need to follow other safety measures diligently to keep your self save and also your family.

Myth: Carrying around the no contact tools in question is cumbersome

We understand the issues one may face, carrying a large or complicated no contact tool around. This is why; our product is ergonomically designed and small enough be the same size as a standard keychain. Carrying it with you won’t be cumbersome at all.

Myth: All similar tools are of the same quality, and you can use any

There are various similar tools available in the market, but not all of them can boast of the superior quality we can. Our product is made with precision and care for your benefit, and no other such item can provide the same level of convenience.

It’s time to get the facts straight before making the purchase.